A 3D Experimental Animation piece for the Ruthie & Ghost Squadron Charity event in Costa Mesa, California.
Tasked to create an experimental 3D animation of one of the iconic Koenigsegg super cars. For this part of the animation, I was assigned to the car called Valhall. There were 3 other cars assigned to different designers. 
The animation and 3D modeling was done in Maxon Cinema 4D and rendered with Octane. The concept was based on Valhalla from nordic mythology with a futuristic twist. Having the roadway go through a mountainous terrain and gateways until reaching the doors of Valhalla at the end.
Event + Car Pictures
The charity event was held at the South Coast Plaza Sear's garage in Costa Mesa, California. The animation was played at the event (first picture shot by Dan Jensen). Before the event, we were invited to a private showing of the location and cars such as the record breaking car, Ruthie.
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