An Adobe Creative Jam collaboration. This project was done in a 3 member team environment with Rileigh Mankin, Sophia Felger, and myself. My role in this project was as UX Research Lead, sourcing and sharing UI/UX aspects and elements while keeping files and visual assets available and organized.
People are hungry. Over 13.7 million people experienced food insecurity in 2019. Many of us would like to help people who are suffering, but don't know how we can make a difference. Individual Americans gave over $300 billion to charity in 2019. 
Let's Cook provides a bridge between those that want to help and those that need support. With respectful and thoughtful interactions, Let's Cook offers recipes, shopping lists, grocery orders and optional personal interactions. Those that want to give to others can provide groceries directly or through 3rd party services to support someone in need for daily meals and meal planning. Encouraging citizens to share responsibility for challenges in their communities is important to the growth of healthy and stable communities.
User Persona
The target demographic are individuals who are going through food insecurity, specifically targeting single, busy mothers.
Design System
The design system is fun and lively with the color story and logo type. Making the application inviting through the typeface and color choice as well as the iconography.
Sous Chef
The Sous Chef is a volunteer that shops or purchases the ingredients for the Chef.
Order Status
The Chef can see when their ingredients are going to be delivered by the Sous Chef or a third party delivery system.
Simple and hassle free onboarding so the user doesn't feel overwhelmed by inputting too much personal information.
Prototype Walkthrough
Let's Cook walkthrough in Adobe Xd.

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