We are dedicated to providing the safest and most practical bandages on the market.
Brand Values
We care about being a sustainable brand and work our hardest to give our customers clean, ethical products that are not only made for their safety, but for the safety of our planet.
Target Demographic
The target demographic are individuals who are invested or have an interest in sustain and ethical products or have trouble finding products for skin sensitivity.
Design System
The design system for natur lyf is based on the all natural. Through pattern and color story, customers correlate our brand with nature. 
Our product is made from one hundred percent sustainable bamboo that is gentle on the most sensitive skin, providing natural protection to small cuts and wounds.
Our marketing strategy is to be transparent to our customers about our materials and ingredients. Marketing material is to be placed through all medias such as print and digital.
Social Media
Staying connected to our audience is our goal. Through an online presence, we can reach others who are not yet aware of our brand and share our products to those who seek them.
Customers can easily learn and purchase our products through our website. 

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