30-week Senior Thesis project. Project deliverables included brand + brand strategy, UI/UX, motion + video editing, and user research. 
Cancer is the leading cause of death among Hispanics. 1 in 10 Hispanic mothers, daughters, sisters, are diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Less than 50% of US Hispanic women over 40 have had a mammogram. Hispanic women rarely seek preventative care due to lack of access, social stigmas, and costs. Hispanic women are typically diagnosed at advanced stages of breast cancer which leads to taking extraordinary measures and often a loss of life. Cancer treatment impacts women's quality of life, reduces life expectancy, and impacts families and communities. Current approaches to this community can be ineffective due to language and cultural barriers. 
I have seen firsthand the behavioral patterns and stigmas my parents associate with preventative healthcare. There is a lack of trust and understanding between the medical community and the Hispanic community causing low participation and lack of preventative care.
Por Ti is a culturally specific platform where underserved communities can obtain information and access preventative care. Por Ti is more than just a way to communicate with healthcare professionals, it is culturally sensitive, customizable, and provides users with curated content. Por Ti's friendly and accessible interaction engages users and their amigas (friends) and familia (family). 
The target demographic is busy Hispanic women between the ages of 40 to 45.
User Journey
Using the user journey to identify key opportunities to help the user's experience with the appointment process be less anxiety and fear inducing to the user.
Discovery process through mind-mapping to find keywords and ideas that will shape the brand and brand story.
Preliminary wireframes to figure out layout and content that will fit the target demographic and be easy to understand.
Home + Tasks 
Biblical/inspirational quotes greet users on their homepage where they can also save these for later reference. Users can also have a quick glance at their weekly tasks such as appointments, medicine refills, and program events. They can also browse through current medical news like vaccination information, healthy eating, and other wellness news.
Appointment Process
Before the appointment process begins, the user is provided relevant information that they should consider before scheduling their procedure. Afterwards, users can schedule their appointment around their busy lives and are given the opportunity to invite a relative or friend to their appointment. 
Profile + Articles
Through the profile, the user has access to several resources they can explore anytime. In this menu, there is an education section where articles as provided to the user for more information on their upcoming procedures and appointments. Users can reference these articles whenever they want to and are accumulated whenever they have scheduled appointments or when a doctor provides them to the user.
Prototype Walkthrough
Por Ti walkthrough in Figma.

Senior Thesis Video Presentation
This video is a presentation of my 30-week thesis project. Explaining the target demographics' struggles, my solution, and how this can branch out to other medical issues such as heart disease and diabetes.
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