Vibrant Vida brings together the traditional styles of Aztec dance wear designs, modern Aztec inspired graffiti, and the passion for Mexican soccer.
Vibrant Vida
Vibrant Vida honors the ancient Mexican culture by bringing it into a modern day artistic style implemented through popular soccer culture set to inspire the youth of today to appreciate and feel proud of their roots. 
The graphic elements are hand drawn first and then scanned in photoshop. By creating an outline of one of the graphics, I sprayed ink on it to make a silhouette.
Design System​​​​​​​
Women's Line
Ancient Serpiente represents the Aztec God, Quetzacoatl which is a feathered serpent. The serpent represented wisdom and creation to the Aztecs. 
Men's Line
Aztec Ala is taking representation from the eagle on the Mexican flag. It represents the legend of when the Gods told the Aztecs where to establish their city which was when they saw an eagle perched on a cactus while devouring a snake.
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