A travel app that assists in finding the appropriate mode of transportation when traveling in a foreign country.
It can be difficult to know how to get from location to location when traveling. Knowing which mode of transportation is available to get to those locations can damper the traveling experience. 
Travo helps users select the mode of transportation they want based on the travel destination. Providing many different offers from transportation companies all in one app.
User Persona
The target demographic are individuals who travel frequently or are planning their trip. Travo is for any age range and ethnicities.
Design System
The design system is simple and monochromatic. Keeping iconography consistent and using typography to establish hierarchy when dealing with different types of information.
Login + Sync Screens
Travo syncs the users travel destinations from the airline they are flying from and curates the modes of transportation they will need for each trip.
Filter + Detail Screens
Travo allows the user to design what kind of transportation they need, at the price they are most happy with. Through filter settings, the user can further plan out their travel plans with ease.
Travo animated in InVision.
Prototype Walkthrough
Travo walkthrough with no animation in Sketch.

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